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“Amir Wald and Islands Phonecards Database – Why it’s so fascinating”

How did Islands Phonecards Database begin?
It's a family thing. Amir's younger brother, Uri, started collecting phone cards and soon after their father, Avi, got infected as well. Avi Wald became an avid and respectable collector. Amir's older brother Ofer decided to create Islands Phonecards Database for their father to show him how fun the Internet can be. The site has been active for a few years spreading slowly by word-of mouth. Near the end of 2007, Amir has begun working on the site to take it from a hobby into a commercial venture.

The most important changes made on the site were to allow collectors to contribute phone card information and translate the site. This web2.0 approached proved very effective as more collectors from around the world joined and a few helped by contributing more collectible card information. Vadym Sulimenko, an avid collector who has joined as a member to the site, has been helping coordinating database contributions and is responsible for many changes the site has recently been going through.

Amir Wald has made his first steps as a developer at the age of 8. Amir had solely written from scratch a shelf product for an educational company before he turned 18. Amir has been involved in numerous software projects of various fields (web, military, financial, educational and more) and is thus well-versed in facing new challenges in unknown environments.

Islands Phonecards Database
Islands Phonecards Database ( is a rapidly growing unique service offered freely to collectors from around the world.

What's so special?
IPD contains the world's most extensive phone cards catalog. It is open to the public and constantly updated by dedicated members. Currently, 75,000+ cards from 169 countries are listed but by the time you read it, there are probably already more cards Members of IPD (joining is easy and completely free) can manage their personal collection and create their swap and wish lists easily from the catalog. Managing your collection and swaps has never been easier. IPD is an international community site: 25 languages are supported and currently there are active members from 66 countries.

What has happened recently?
IPD has greatly developed during recent months and has more than quadrupled (!!!) its active collectors. It keeps gaining popularity as its collectible phone cards database increases in size and more collectors manage to easily swap cards with collectors of other countries.

Alexa ranking: IPD, number one site in Phonecards. (click here to see the results)

The success of IPD has motivated its entrepreneur to create which is about to go live soon. It will offer ideas similar to those of IPD to collectors of other mass-produced collectibles: stamps, coins, notes, baseball cards and everything else that its future members will wish for.

How to join?
Simply go to the main page (, choose your language and follow the instructions.

Useful links:
My page on Islands Phonecards Database
Maldives cards on Islands Phonecards Database

Any comment?
I am sure those members who are in IPD is having a great experience. Click the comment link below and share your experiences about IPD and cheer Amir Wald.
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